Friday Recap

Happy Friday! This week went pretty quickly, I’m surprised it’s Friday again. Did you have a good week?

1. I love that it’s beginning to feel more and more like fall! I even got to bust out boots this week! (Although they’re back in the closet again. Grrr.)

2. I had to go to Nordstrom with my trusty and well loved sweater uggs because there was a hole. I was hoping they’d tell me that they were fixable but instead I walked out with a brand new pair! More reason to continue to support them 🙂

3. Thursday nights spent bowling with friends is always a good way to end the work week! Even though I lost and my football team lost it was a great amount of fun. Looking forward to the next outing!

4. And on that note…Monday nights spent at a concert are also awesome. Although they do make for a very long Tuesday but it was well worth it! I got to see the Old 97’s at the Boulder Theater and it was so much fun. Small venue plus great music was the perfect concert setting. I’m on a concert roll! After living in Colorado for almost 4 years and never having been to a concert I’ve now been to 3 in three months. Yippee! I think I might be hooked….

5. Current food obsession: soup. don’t tell my husband. he is NOT looking forward to soup and stew weather (but I am SO excited!)

6. Current tv obsession: new fall network shows! all of them! at least until I can narrow down what I’m liking and not liking…

7. Current beer obsession: Pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin!

8. I love pinterest, are you on there? Below you’ll find a few things that I’ve pinned this week. And yes, I’m sure you’ll notice a trend that leads to all things point to fall. But don’t they all look delicious?!

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you have a good weekend. I’m looking forward to writing thank you notes, spending time outdoors and getting into the apples and honey celebration of Rosh Hashanna, perhaps even attempting to bake a challah. Perhaps being the key word. If I did though it would be this one from Deb over at Smitten Kitchen! What are you up to this weekend?


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