Simple Things Sunday

Yesterday made me fall in love with Colorado all over again. The colors are changing here and we made our annual trek up to the mountains to see the Aspens. I wanted to switch things around and decided that we should not go to Breckenridge (even though I love it there!) We’ve gone to see the leaves there every year and I thought that it was time for something different. I posted on Facebook asking where we should go and Independence Pass was highly suggested. We packed up some snacks, stopped at Whole Foods to pick up our annual picnic makings and off we went!
This drive was amazing. I did all the driving this time which was a big deal, usually it’s the hubby who does it all but I made it up, down, up some more and back down all of the mountain, finishing off the drive in the dark. We drove through Twin Lakes (holy cow it’s beautiful!), Aspen, Glenwood Springs and back down by Vail, Edwards and Idaho Springs. I couldn’t believe how much color we saw! Driving up 285 we hit Kenosha Pass but most of the leaves had already dropped so we were a bit worried but as you can see from the photos below there was no cause for concern! I am now trying to work in a trip back to Aspen and or Glenwood Springs since we did a quick drive through at the end of our day. 9+ hours in the car is a LONG day but it was great!!!
Linking up with Simple Things because I think this picture speaks to the simple things–beautiful light, nature and gorgeous colors. Happy Sunday everyone! Have a great week.


Independence Pass Beauty!

Hubby snapped this of me!

Beautiful Barn!

I am in love with this barn…



7 thoughts on “Simple Things Sunday

  1. Your photos are just gorgeous Michelle! That last image of the log cabin needs to be framed in your home. Thank you for taking us along on your lovely drive…I’d love to see Colorado in the Fall some day! πŸ™‚

    • thank you! it is my new favorite spot in Colorado πŸ™‚ My husband who was born and raised here had never been there so I’m so glad we got to experience it together!

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