I feel like these days actually recieving something fun in the mail is a rare thing. I got spoiled within the past 12 months! There was always something to be on the look out for (wedding cards, wedding response cards, wedding presents!) but these days the mail is NOT fun.

One way to make it fun? Order stuff for yourself 🙂 I love wearing scarves. It’s a nice way to keep warm here in the crazy weather state of Colorado and I’ve slowly been adding to my collection. One of my favorite places to find them is over at the Pleated Poppy. Lindsey has an ADORABLE shop full of tons of handmade goodies. Right now I’m obsessed with all of her scarves and today I got mine in the mail! Yay for mail that doesn’t suck. I ordered an infinity scarf that is gray with a pop of pink. If I see you tomorrow you can bet that I’ll be wearing it. How awesome is it?

Now if only I could ensure that I get fun things in the mail every day….although I know my bank account would not appreciate it!

Other ways to ensure that the mail doesn’t always stink:

* Pv Body–an awesome new company that I just found through a link on facebook. Sign up and pay the monthly fee and you get a new workout outfit once a month. Pretty awesome people! Plus it’s nice workout clothes (think Nike, Lululemon and more) Once my bank account isn’t mad at me anymore you can be sure that I’ll be signing up

*Birchbox–a great company that allows you to fill out a beauty profile and then you pay a monthly fee and get lots of goodies in a fun box once a month. I have my account on hold but this is one of my favorite things to get in the mail each month. I’ve gotten some great (and not so great) perfumes, lip stains, tons of samples of products that I’ve gone on to buy. The fun thing is you can buy items right through birchbox as well and you can get a discount.

*Magazines are always fun! At the top of my list? Real Simple, Cooking Light, 5280, Food and Wine, People and Food Network.

Anyone have any other fun ways to get mail?

{this isn’t sponsored post, I just love the Pleated Poppy products and wanted to give a little shout out for something that I know is wonderful. Pv Body and Birchbox also have no idea who I am but I think they’re great!}

One thought on “Mail!

  1. I’ve recently discovered and joined There are several different types of swaps that you can join. I participated in a swap called 3 wishes whereas the participants list at least 12 things that they’d like to receive in the mail and you have to fulfill 3 of those wishes. You are randomly given a person to swap packages with. It was a lot of fun. I haven’t received my package in the mail yet, but I know it was sent to me on the 11th and is coming from the UK. I sent a package to Belgium and the person was quite delighted. It’s free to join and there are at least 20 different types of swaps going on at the same time.

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