Wonderful Wednesday

As I was driving home from work tonight I realized that rather than being in a slightly grumpy mood (it’s the end of the workday, tell me I’m not the only one?) I was in a great mood. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’ve been in a slump lately (hello empty blog!) and then I realized I had a list of happy things. So Wonderful Wednesday it is!

  • it’s still sunny outside after work! longer days, light during my drive home and even for some time after. that makes me happy! 
  • I got to drive home with my windows down and the music blaring. If that doesn’t make you happy then something must be wrong with you 😉
  • Saturday can’t come soon enough! A very special someone and her husband are finally going to be living back in Colorado and having one of your most favorite friends within driving distance is just awesome.
  • My Le Cruset pot is FINALLY on it’s journey back home to me. Ok, not my exact one but a brand new one to replace it. I’m choosing to overlook the fact that I missed out on 2 solid months of soups and stews and braising during the winter months. trying  being the key word.
  • I taught my last class outside today. Yep. In the sunshine. Couldn’t have been happier.
  • Whole Foods had a big display of fresh herbs for sale. Yipee!
  • It sure feels like spring is here. Hopefully it’s here to stay!

Are you having a Wonderful Wednesday?


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