Wonderful Wednesday

As I was driving home from work tonight I realized that rather than being in a slightly grumpy mood (it’s the end of the workday, tell me I’m not the only one?) I was in a great mood. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’ve been in a slump lately (hello empty blog!) and then I realized I had a list of happy things. So Wonderful Wednesday it is!

  • it’s still sunny outside after work! longer days, light during my drive home and even for some time after. that makes me happy! 
  • I got to drive home with my windows down and the music blaring. If that doesn’t make you happy then something must be wrong with you 😉
  • Saturday can’t come soon enough! A very special someone and her husband are finally going to be living back in Colorado and having one of your most favorite friends within driving distance is just awesome.
  • My Le Cruset pot is FINALLY on it’s journey back home to me. Ok, not my exact one but a brand new one to replace it. I’m choosing to overlook the fact that I missed out on 2 solid months of soups and stews and braising during the winter months. trying  being the key word.
  • I taught my last class outside today. Yep. In the sunshine. Couldn’t have been happier.
  • Whole Foods had a big display of fresh herbs for sale. Yipee!
  • It sure feels like spring is here. Hopefully it’s here to stay!

Are you having a Wonderful Wednesday?

What I Wore…

I forgot! It’s Wednesday and Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy is having her weekly What I Wore Wednesday linkup…AND…I have a picture of something I wore. I know, it’s shocking. I even “dressed up” for the occasion. Ok not really but it was out of the norm of what I usually wear and that’s the point of her link up so hooray! Image

Purple shirt: RL from Bloomingdales clearance (old)

White and gray tank tops: Nordstrom Rack (last fall)

Leggings: Lululemon wunder under (old but they still carry them)

Boots: Frye Paige tall in gray (old)

Purse: actually a camera bag! Kelly Moore Mimi Bag in gray

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (gift, but they’re from Neiman Marcus last spring)

I love love love my Frye boots. I wear them all the time, I now understand why they’re so incredible. (and yes, they’re pricey but in my opinion worth the money)

Next up: today’s outfit. my standard go to teaching outfit. ha! If you could see the top half you’d see that I’m wearing a kelly green winter coat and a purply ski hat. My sister couldn’t believe how much color I’m wearing! Image

Leggings: Navy blue from Lululemon can’t remember the style but they’re cropped and have a cute orang and navy waistband

Socks: Target (best socks ever!)

Boots: Uggs (old. from Nordstrom)

Maybe I can remember to get more than one outfit this upcoming week! New Goal!

What I Wore Wednesday

I’ve been reading Lindsey’s blog for what feels like FOREVER. I love her shop and have purchased numerous items from her! What I Wore Wednesday is such a fun idea and I’ve wanted to link up but never remember to take pictures…until this week! I only have a few pictures but I figured that’s a good start! I’m lucky in that my job allows me to wear whatever I am comfortable in. Dealing with small kiddos I know I’ll most likely have playdoh all over, paint or markers covering me and stickers in my hair but I still really try to not let my clothes totally go! Go check out all the other awesome outfits from this week over at The Pleated Poppy!


(Please excuse the horrible photos, maybe next week I can do better!)

Not that you can see much of what I’m wearing but you can see my favorite vest! Wore this for part of the time in the mountains on Saturday…it was COLD!

Top: Patagonia (on clearance last year at Dick’s Sporting Goods!)

Sunglasses: Michael Kors (gift)

Headband: Lululemon

Work outfit. I have an obsession with boots and leggings. It was finally chilly (but of course it warmed up later.)

Top: Sweatshirt with buttons!  J Crew Outlet early summer

Pants: Wunder Under leggings from Lululemon

Tank top: Target on clearance!

Boots: Sweater Uggs from Nordstrom

Work outfit. Yes leggings again 🙂 I have multiple pairs…and yes I realize that they are expensive but they’ve held up WAY better than any of my cheap pairs with multiple washes and lots of wears.

Dress: Old Navy

Pants: Lululemon cropped wunder under leggings

Headband: Lululemon