Breakfast + Lunch + Snacks

While we’re much more diligent about planning out dinners the rest of our meals tend to be more of a fly by night operation. While I do take these other meals into consideration while planning for the week I could probably be more specific. Perhaps that would eliminate the scratching of the head at 5:30 in the morning…hmmmmm.

I thought I’d share some of the things we turn to more frequently than not for these meals since I always love fresh ideas from somewhere else. I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration on Instagram with the #Whole30 hashtag. We’re not doing Whole 30 specifically but we’ve been adhering to some of the pillars of it. I’ve eliminated almost all dairy and have had very little grains and sugar. The weekends are more relaxed and I do still indulge.



Trader Joes has awesome frozen oatmeal or oatmeal/quinoa (the only grain I’ve really been eating!) I like to top with a dollop of peanut butter or Justins Vanilla Almond butter and some berries.

Hard boiled eggs with fruit on the side

Avocado toast if I’m eating bread

Fried eggs with avocado slices and tomatoes

Green Smoothies (my favorite is kale, pineapple and coconut water with a scoop of vanilla protein powder)

Egg Cupcakes! (eggs + veggies baked in muffin tins)



Nuts! We love nuts from Trader Joes. Lately it’s been cashews and pistachios

Lunchmeat wrapped around bell peppers or with guacamole

Grapefruit (I am ADDICTED!)

Guacamole cups from Costco with veggies to dip

Hard boiled eggs

Apple and peanut or almond butter



I try to roast 3-4 chicken breasts and vegetables on Sundays and divvy it up for lunches. I’ll usually throw it together for a salad. I’m loving roasted beets, carrots and squash right now.

Tuna salad! I like to make a mediterranean version without mayo.

Roasted sweet potatoes with chicken and veggies on the side

Soup (Another thing I’ve been trying to whip up on the weekends is a pot of some kind of soup. Lately our favorite has been butternut squash. Super simple and delicious!)

If I’m eating grains I’ll make up a big batch of farro or quinoa at the beginning of the week. I’ll then add it to salads.

lunchmediterranean tuna salad + steak with veggies + fruit with muffin cups and avocado + quinoa veggie salad with arugula + sweet potato farro and arugula salad + roasted broccoli and butternut squash.

What do you do for breakfast + lunch + snacks?


Good Morning and hello Monday! We woke up to temps of 27˚ outside this morning! What the what?! I was so not prepared for the bitter chill that temperatures that cold bring into the house. Especially when you don’t turn on the heat (whoops!) Luckily we learned that our house warms up quickly and our heat does indeed work.

After a long and busy weekend all I wanted to do last night was to head out to a bar and grab some dinner and watch football. I wanted nothing to do with the kitchen or dishes. We were both beyond tired though and opted to stay in, throw on jammies and watch more Breaking Bad. We are seriously addicted and almost done with season 3.

We decided on Gyoza Soup, otherwise known as clean out the freezer/fridge soup. It’s so good and so filling. I’m glad I made more than enough for lunch leftovers today! You can tune this soup to your liking and add in pretty much anything that sounds delicious or any vegetables that are about to turn. The first time we made this soup we used fresh spinach which was really yummy!

When the soup was done cooking I set up the perfect picture and snapped away. Then I set my phone aside and quickly dove in only to later realize that my phone didn’t actually take the pictures. My iPhone 5S is giving me a run for my money these days and it’s only 6 months old. Guess I’ll have to make a trip to the Apple Store this week.

Enjoy your Monday!

gyoza soup

1 medium onion {cut in half, then sliced thin}

4 carrots {peeled and sliced into circles}

2 celery stalks, diced

6-8 large mushrooms, sliced

8-10 Trader Joes frozen Gyoza {we used pork this time}

1 container Trader Joes organic chicken broth

2 cups water

1/2 bag Trader Joes frozen Kale



ginger powder

garlic powder

hoisin sauce

olive oil

sauté onions in olive oil until they are slightly translucent, then add in carrots and celery. cook until veggies begin to soften. add in mushrooms and cook until they begin to brown. season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and ginger powder {we didn’t have fresh ginger or I would have used it and I was too lazy to deal with fresh garlic!}

add in the container of chicken broth and 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. once boiling add in the frozen kale and bring back to a boil. allow the soup to boil for 5-8 minutes depending on the size of the kale pieces. add in gyoza and cook for an additional 2-4 minutes. don’t let the gyoza over cook!

serve immediately! this is delicious when you drizzle in hoisin sauce but just as good without it. we had some leftover rotisserie chicken so I shredded it and placed a little bit in each of our bowls. I ladled the soup on top and when we sat down to eat everything was nice and hot. this soup was super filling, we each only had one bowl!

have some fun with this recipe and add in vegetables to your liking. Trader Joes has other gyoza as well, there’s a vegetarian version and a chicken one too.


I LOVE Instagram. I know that I’m not the only one out there! The way camera phones operate these days is outstanding, and let’s face it…who wants to lug their giant cameras around all the time? Insert my iPhone. I love it. It takes amazing pictures {and I’m sure my new iPhone takes amazing ones too! I’ll have to play with it this week and get lots of pictures.} I like being able to share my life with friends and family scattered across the country and I love it even more because I’m able to see my friends and family from a far.. Here’s my week according to Instagram. Want to link up? Go see all the fun happening over at Life Rearranged!

life rearranged


Ummm, yeah. That’s snow…and a good amount of it! Hello crazy weather in Colorado! No worries, it melted .2 seconds after I snapped this. Well not really but it melted fast.

How cute is this pup? We got to hang out with him for a few days and it was a treat. I want a dog sooooooo badly but I know that it’s just not the right time for us to get one. Until then we’ll just keep borrowing 🙂

I made broccoli cheddar soup! While it wasn’t as good as Panera’s it was still pretty tasty. Read about it here. I’d make it again, but make some changes.

Hello beautiful! I’ve been wanting one of these FOREVER. I waited. And waited. And waited some more. I knew when I got married my mom would give it to me as a gift. She’s the one who taught me to cook and bake and love the kitchen so I thought it was a fun reason to wait. I’m SO happy that it’s finally time to break it out and use it.

A good friend is having a baby next month and I went to her baby shower on Sunday. Three of us decided to go in together to get the gift and I was in charge or buying it. If you know me you know just how much fun this was. If you don’t know me then I’ll just say that if this could be a profession I’d do it in a heartbeat. Babies make me happy. I sent my girlfriends a quick text showing them most of what we were giving the lucky mom 🙂

Jameson and Ginger Beer? Best drink invention ever. Apparently I didn’t look like I needed the grownup size but this one worked just fine.

I spent yesterday editing photos from my first holiday season photo shoot. yay! Love this family .

Impromptu(ish) dinner party on a Wednesday night? Always a good idea. Chatting a bit too long after work and getting stuck in traffic? That means whipping up something as fast as I can for friends to snack on while I whip dinner together. Whoops. Green bowl on bottom that you can only see a sliver of? That’s good old Pace salsa. And how fun is that awesome platter? It goes so well with my Anthropologie bowls and was a wedding gift from a great friend.

The remains of dinner from the dinner party…and let me tell you those leftovers are so tasty! Want the recipe? Check it out here…It was pretty tasty again and a great dinner party meal. Easily made vegetarian (I subbed veggie stock for the chicken stock and made two bowls of it, adding chicken to one.)

Met some girlfriends here for happy hour today. The menu looked amazing! I tried a delicious new beer (for $3!) and we had some awesome fried pickles, house made corn nuts and green eggs and ham deviled eggs. Yum! Nothing better than gabbing away with girlfriends over treats. Must come back for dinner.


And finally….the best part of the week! We’ve been waiting… and waiting…and waiting… and it finally arrived! We are OFFICIALLY married according to the state of Colorado. Yay! Two months later and now I can start the long and tedious (so I’ve heard) process of changing my name.


Recipe Roundup

I love cookbooks. I have a ton of them…some are very well loved and some have lots of pages marked but rarely get used. Why you ask? The internet. It is SO easy for me to search for a recipe and pull it up on my computer or iPad and just bring said device into the kitchen. I know I’m not the only one who is guilty of this. I try to use my cookbooks, I can’t stop wanting to buy cookbooks but I always seem to turn to my computer. How can you not though when there are so many awesome recipes out there? I read a bazillion blogs and have come to rely on some of them for my go to recipes. Do you have anywhere you rely on for tried and true recipes? Pinterest has also become a favorite tool. I can find delicious recipes all over the internet and then pin them onto specific boards and easily find them when I’m ready to make them.

Here are a few recipes I’ve rounded up that I’m hoping to make!

How delicious does this simple popcorn snack look? I love that she uses an air popper, if only I had room to store one…


These are just calling my name. Probably should try them out one weekend soon and serve them for football fun…I’m guessing they’d pair really well with an icy cold beer.




I know this HAS to be delicious. It comes from Bree over at Baked Bree and she is one of my go to blogs for recipes. Everything I’ve made from her recipes has been delicious.



I need to make these. Probably sooner rather than later. I’ve been eying them for YEARS. How delicious do these look?!



These seem like the perfect weeknight fall dinner. Paired with roasted veggies and brussel sprouts. Yup I said brussel sprouts–they’re delicious and probably deserve their own roundup!



And finally…I’ll be making this tonight! It’s cold and gloomy here today and it seems like the perfect meal to combat that. Yum. Pairing it with a crisp loaf of french bread and a nice green salad.

Friday Recap

Happy Friday! I am so excited it’s the weekend and I even had a short week this week. This girl needs some sleep!
1. I. Got. A. New. Camera!!!!!!! Tuesday night I was on my way home from teaching and I spied a huge going out of business sale in the window at Wolf Camera. I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and started calling to find out if they had “my” camera in stock and if it was on sale. They did not so I spent the next 10 minutes calling every Wolf Camera until I hit the jackpot. It took 45 minutes of pestering the husbands phone until he called me back and confirmed it was a steal. I flew to my car, drove as quickly as I could to scoop him from work downtown and then flew West. We arrived at the store with 2 minutes until close. SO HAPPY!!!!!!

2. The leaves are changing! It’s early here in Colorado but I am looking forward to a trip to the mountains to see the Aspens (and play with the new camera!!) Plus I love the mountains so any excuse to get up there makes me happy.

3. I tried two new recipes from pinterest this week for dinner and they were both so good! This chicken recipe from the other night as mentioned and then the awesome zucchini recipe pictured below. I subbed ground turkey since that’s what we had in the freezer and it was delicious and so easy to make. Really great paired with a quick Cesare salad. The sauce from the chicken dish got re purposed for lunch the next day and tossed with some quick boiled pasta and frozen peas and was a win. I love when leftovers can make a whole new meal. Doesn’t quite feel like leftovers. Next time I will add more mushrooms for sure.

4. I want to make salsa but I have no motivation to do it now. I am also torn–do I make salsa to be canned? Or do I make a big batch to share with friends this weekend? I have some yummy farmers market tomatoes and jalapenos that are calling out to be used. Suggestions? Recipes? Help!

5. I LOVE coffee. Love going out to breakfast/brunch and wrapping my hands around a steaming cup of hot coffee. Love going to Starbucks and ordering a latte or a coffee. I even love making it at home and having a big pot to enjoy throughout the day (not that I should do that…ahem. lack of sleep?!) Starbucks is like crack. I don’t know what it is about it but it’s addictive. I’ve cut back to once a week, hopefully soon to be 2x a month or less. My wallet will thank me. I don’t think it will be hard to do, especially since I found this recipe for pumpkin spice lattes at home. And that’s truly the ONLY reason to go to Starbucks right now 🙂

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest



6. Peach and tomato season is coming to a close. So sad! But so happy that fall is here. Excited to get my hands on more honeycrisp apples and make my
mom’s apple cake recipe.
Have a great weekend!


Ahhh….pinterest. I have a love hate relationship with this lovely website. Mostly it’s love but sometimes it’s hate, as in oops where did that hour go (or three hours if we’re talking about the weekend!) If you follow me on there you’ll see that I have an absurd number of things pinned, and if you don’t go check out my boards! I have a ton of recipes, sorted by a variety of things. Where am I going with this you ask? Well tonight I made my very first recipe that I found on pinterest. Not one that I pinned from a blog that I read or that I know I’ve tried but a brand new one from a totally unknown blog. I’m thrilled to say it was AWESOME! I changed a few things so I’ll post the recipe that I actually used but here’s the link that I based my dinner off of, along with the “pin.”

I realize there are no pictures to go along with the recipe (gasp!) but this was quickly thrown together tonight because even though it was a planned meal off of our meal plan for the week there was a slight change in plans tonight. Why you ask? Because we BOLTED to Lakewood to get to Wolf Camera before it closed tonight. They are apparently going out of business and had one camera left, or more specifically they had one Nikon D7000 left. At an absurdly good deal. So we ran as fast as we could. Yay!!! Tune in for plenty o’ pictures to come 🙂 Ok back to food…


Chicken with Mushrooms, Onions and Thyme

4 thinly sliced chicken breasts

1 package of mushrooms, thinly sliced

1 onion, finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic

fresh thyme

1 C. chicken stock

1 C. cream



olive oil

season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper, cook in pan

remove chicken, add a little olive oil and cook sliced mushrooms, onions and garlic until golden brown

add in thyme and allow to cook down for a few more minutes

add in chicken stock and cream and allow to simmer for 3 minutes

add in cooked chicken breasts and allow to simmer for 2-3 more minutes

Serve with a nice green salad (would also probably be delicious with pasta as in the original recipe)

Are you on pinterest? I’m always looking for new boards to explore. Leave your pinterest name in the comments!

Find me on pinterest!

Come back later this week to see another recipe I try out, it’s sure to be delicious…right?

Green Goddess Salad

This salad rocks. I’ve eaten it three times within the past week and I could eat it again today. Thank you to my friend Blake for serving it for dinner last week! The best way to enjoy this meal is outside with friends and a nice cold glass of white wine! I’ve adapted the recipe to make it a heartier salad which also included leaving out the bread so it’s gluten free. The salad dressing is really the star here and I’ve already got a list of ways to use it in other dishes (next up I’m thinking shrimp and pasta!) I forgot to take pictures of the dressing ingredients but you’ll find them listed below. Also left out of the ingredients picture is the sliced almonds that we topped the salad with. Oops!

The awesome thing about this salad is that the dressing can be made ahead of time and the veggies can be prepped ahead of time so you can have dinner on the table in under 10 minutes. I love rotisserie chicken, there is something about it that is so delicious! If it wasn’t so hot here then I probably would have roasted my own chicken but then my cooking time would have been a lot longer. When it’s summer out I love the simplicity of being able to throw together a healthy meal that doesn’t take long and doesn’t require the oven or stove. The awesome thing about this salad is you can adapt it to your liking. Don’t like olives? Leave them out! Love beets? Toss them in (I bet they’d be delicious!) This could even be vegetarian if you omit the chicken.

Green Goddess Salad (adapted from Food&Wine)

1 cucumber, peeled and sliced in half. Cut into small bite size pieces.

1 bell pepper, sliced thinly

1 avocado, diced

1 pint cherry tomatoes sliced in half

2 ribs celery thinly sliced (thinly sliced is key for this salad!)

2 ears of corn, sliced off the cob (I know there’s only one pictured, I wanted more corn though)

1/2 red onion, thinly sliced

1 rotisserie chicken, shredded

1/2 a package of goat cheese, crumbled

1. Place all veggies except the avocado in a large bowl.

2. Top with chicken

3. Toss with dressing (see recipe below)

4. Dish into individual bowls, top with goat cheese, avocado and sliced almonds


I wasn’t too exact with my measuring here, it’s all about taste though. If you don’t like one of the herbs then swap it out with something you do like. I’m sure cilantro would be good in here I just don’t care for it (gasp!)

1 bunch flat leaf parsley

1 package of dill

1 package of oregano

1 package of chives

2 cloves garlic

6 oz. container of plain greek yogurt

1/2 a small container of sour cream ( I just scooped out what was left of ours)

the juice of 2 lemons

salt and pepper to taste

1. Trim herbs from stems and in food processor (I used a Vitamix)

2. Add in remaining ingredients and blend.

Pour into mason jar and stick in fridge. Use a generous helping when dressing the salad. Leftover dressing will keep for two days.

Last night when we at this we had some baguette that we served with goat cheese and a little ramekin filled with excess dressing for dunking. It was delicious! Try this out, I promise it’s delicious and a filling meal (even the boy agreed the first time we ate it and has been raving about it since.) Great for a quick lunch or dinner this weekend, especially if you’re busy. I know we are! (10 days ’til our wedding!) Happy Weekend!