Green Goodness

This year my body seems to be surviving without coffee…I know, I know how is that even possible? I can’t exactly tell you but I can say that smoothies have to play some part in it. I can go days without caffeine and not get a headache {yes!!} and I feel so much better when I start my day with a smoothie. Usually it’s a whole bunch of spinach assorted fruits (I tend to lean towards frozen pineapple, peaches and mango) but anything is delicious.

Fast forward to last weekends incredible trip to San Francisco. We had just finished brunch at Foreign Cinema (meh) and were walking towards Tartine Bakery for croissants when we stumbled across Sidewalk Juice. There was a crowd of people out front of it which is what caught our attention so we stopped and read the gigantic menu for a good five minutes. After deciding that we should split one since we’d just brunched and were on our way to get more to eat I told the boy, ahem, the husband that he could pick whatever he wanted. His choice? The Kale Colada Smoothie {fresh organic kale, coconut juice, pineapple, coconut shreds, pineapple sorbet and ice.} I was intrigued by the kale and the coconut…I am a huge kale fan but was yet to incorporate it into a smoothie and coconut has never been my thing. This smoothie though? This smoothie changed my mind. I seriously dreamed of it all week until I could find the time to head to Whole Foods to get lacinto kale. The result was a sweet yet slightly tart smoothie with a hint of coconut that was so refreshing.

I’ve made it twice now at home and I am hooked. I drank a 22 oz life factory water bottle full for breakfast and didn’t need to eat until late afternoon. I am also in love with the life factory water bottles because they are glass, hold the perfect amount of smoothie and keep them cold. Want to make your own? Check out my recipe for my take on the awesome sidewalk juice drink we savored in between insane amounts of food while walking the streets of San Francisco!

kale colada ingredients1



2 cups frozen pineapple

a healthy handful or two of lacinato kale

3 tablespoons of sorbet (I couldn’t find plane pineapple but the one that I bought is amazing)

8 oz coconut juice (NOT coconut water!)

a handful of coconut flakes (the first time I made this I made it without the flakes and it was still delicious)


Blend pineapple, sorbet, juice and coconut flakes together until smooth. Add in kale and continue to blend. Adjust ingredients to your liking, less liquid if you like a thicker smoothie, more if you like a juice like one. If you use fresh pineapple be sure to add a handful of ice cubes so your smoothie is cold.


kale colada


I’m excited to build off of this recipe, I’m thinking mango would be a delicious addition as would peach. Have any delicious smoothie recipes to share? I’m always looking for new ones. If you need ideas you can check out my pinterest board or go look at the Sidewalk Juice website for ideas, they have a ton of smoothies listed.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Recap

Happy Friday! I am so excited it’s the weekend and I even had a short week this week. This girl needs some sleep!
1. I. Got. A. New. Camera!!!!!!! Tuesday night I was on my way home from teaching and I spied a huge going out of business sale in the window at Wolf Camera. I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and started calling to find out if they had “my” camera in stock and if it was on sale. They did not so I spent the next 10 minutes calling every Wolf Camera until I hit the jackpot. It took 45 minutes of pestering the husbands phone until he called me back and confirmed it was a steal. I flew to my car, drove as quickly as I could to scoop him from work downtown and then flew West. We arrived at the store with 2 minutes until close. SO HAPPY!!!!!!

2. The leaves are changing! It’s early here in Colorado but I am looking forward to a trip to the mountains to see the Aspens (and play with the new camera!!) Plus I love the mountains so any excuse to get up there makes me happy.

3. I tried two new recipes from pinterest this week for dinner and they were both so good! This chicken recipe from the other night as mentioned and then the awesome zucchini recipe pictured below. I subbed ground turkey since that’s what we had in the freezer and it was delicious and so easy to make. Really great paired with a quick Cesare salad. The sauce from the chicken dish got re purposed for lunch the next day and tossed with some quick boiled pasta and frozen peas and was a win. I love when leftovers can make a whole new meal. Doesn’t quite feel like leftovers. Next time I will add more mushrooms for sure.

4. I want to make salsa but I have no motivation to do it now. I am also torn–do I make salsa to be canned? Or do I make a big batch to share with friends this weekend? I have some yummy farmers market tomatoes and jalapenos that are calling out to be used. Suggestions? Recipes? Help!

5. I LOVE coffee. Love going out to breakfast/brunch and wrapping my hands around a steaming cup of hot coffee. Love going to Starbucks and ordering a latte or a coffee. I even love making it at home and having a big pot to enjoy throughout the day (not that I should do that…ahem. lack of sleep?!) Starbucks is like crack. I don’t know what it is about it but it’s addictive. I’ve cut back to once a week, hopefully soon to be 2x a month or less. My wallet will thank me. I don’t think it will be hard to do, especially since I found this recipe for pumpkin spice lattes at home. And that’s truly the ONLY reason to go to Starbucks right now 🙂

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest



6. Peach and tomato season is coming to a close. So sad! But so happy that fall is here. Excited to get my hands on more honeycrisp apples and make my
mom’s apple cake recipe.
Have a great weekend!