I LOVE Instagram. I know that I’m not the only one out there! The way camera phones operate these days is outstanding, and let’s face it…who wants to lug their giant cameras around all the time? Insert my iPhone. I love it. It takes amazing pictures {and I’m sure my new iPhone takes amazing ones too! I’ll have to play with it this week and get lots of pictures.} I like being able to share my life with friends and family scattered across the country and I love it even more because I’m able to see my friends and family from a far.. Here’s my week according to Instagram. Want to link up? Go see all the fun happening over at Life Rearranged!

life rearranged


Ummm, yeah. That’s snow…and a good amount of it! Hello crazy weather in Colorado! No worries, it melted .2 seconds after I snapped this. Well not really but it melted fast.

How cute is this pup? We got to hang out with him for a few days and it was a treat. I want a dog sooooooo badly but I know that it’s just not the right time for us to get one. Until then we’ll just keep borrowing 🙂

I made broccoli cheddar soup! While it wasn’t as good as Panera’s it was still pretty tasty. Read about it here. I’d make it again, but make some changes.

Hello beautiful! I’ve been wanting one of these FOREVER. I waited. And waited. And waited some more. I knew when I got married my mom would give it to me as a gift. She’s the one who taught me to cook and bake and love the kitchen so I thought it was a fun reason to wait. I’m SO happy that it’s finally time to break it out and use it.

A good friend is having a baby next month and I went to her baby shower on Sunday. Three of us decided to go in together to get the gift and I was in charge or buying it. If you know me you know just how much fun this was. If you don’t know me then I’ll just say that if this could be a profession I’d do it in a heartbeat. Babies make me happy. I sent my girlfriends a quick text showing them most of what we were giving the lucky mom 🙂

Jameson and Ginger Beer? Best drink invention ever. Apparently I didn’t look like I needed the grownup size but this one worked just fine.

I spent yesterday editing photos from my first holiday season photo shoot. yay! Love this family .

Impromptu(ish) dinner party on a Wednesday night? Always a good idea. Chatting a bit too long after work and getting stuck in traffic? That means whipping up something as fast as I can for friends to snack on while I whip dinner together. Whoops. Green bowl on bottom that you can only see a sliver of? That’s good old Pace salsa. And how fun is that awesome platter? It goes so well with my Anthropologie bowls and was a wedding gift from a great friend.

The remains of dinner from the dinner party…and let me tell you those leftovers are so tasty! Want the recipe? Check it out here…It was pretty tasty again and a great dinner party meal. Easily made vegetarian (I subbed veggie stock for the chicken stock and made two bowls of it, adding chicken to one.)

Met some girlfriends here for happy hour today. The menu looked amazing! I tried a delicious new beer (for $3!) and we had some awesome fried pickles, house made corn nuts and green eggs and ham deviled eggs. Yum! Nothing better than gabbing away with girlfriends over treats. Must come back for dinner.


And finally….the best part of the week! We’ve been waiting… and waiting…and waiting… and it finally arrived! We are OFFICIALLY married according to the state of Colorado. Yay! Two months later and now I can start the long and tedious (so I’ve heard) process of changing my name.


Hello World!

A place that is me. To dump pictures, random snippets of my world (soon to be my shared world with the mr.) as well as recipes and anything else that comes to mind. I hope you’ll come along for the journey, I can’t say just what kind of journey it’s going to be but I’m sure it will be a fun one!

And for now…a random dump of all things me!

Fun Facts:

  • I’m getting married in 15 (!!!) days
  • I am currently obsessed with anything that has stripes, chevron or includes a mason jar
  • Yogurtland is my absolute favorite go to treat this summer, so many choices, so many flavors
  • If I could I’d pack up my suitcase and jet off to wherever the next plane was going
  • Instagram is my favorite, are you on there? Find me at veids385
  • Have you ever tried rainbow carrots? They’re amazingly delicious if you grill them
  • West Elm is the best store ever
  • Also currently obsessed with anything I can find on Etsy, do you have a favorite shop? Do you have your own shop?!
  • If I could do anything right now I’d start my business. It has to do with kids/babies/pictures. ’nuff said
  • Tomorrow I get to go to my first show ever at Red Rocks and I’m PSYCHED (yay Lumineers and Cake!)
  • I’m marrying into an amazing family and I’m gaining not only one kick ass husband but also one incredible sister in law
  • Farmers markets make me happy
  • So does coffee, brunch, football and fall
  • Did I mention football? I love football Go Bears!
  • I love taking pictures, especially when there is a chunky baby in front of my lens, or a giggling kiddo, makes my heart melt

From left:

  1. Shots at my bachelorette party
  2. Girls trip to Chicago…biking from The Shedd
  3. City Challenge Denver with most of my favorite people (ahem, Texas…)
  4. Bicycle bar Friday night fun with the boy (almost the Mr.!)
  5. The little ladies (who aren’t so little anymore!)
  6. Jellies at The Shedd