Hello 2015!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2014 is over but I for one am ready for a fresh start. 2014 brought lots of changes, the biggest one being our move across the country. I’m still adjusting and missing Colorado like crazy but I think once summer rolls around my mind will be changed about living in New Jersey.

I successfully (well almost I missed 10 days) completed a 365 Day Photo Project on Instagram. I had so much fun being a part of the community at #my_365. The people there are the friendliest and the challenges were a lot of fun. I didn’t always follow the prompts but I still managed to snap a photo almost every day. I’m doing it again this year, I’m going to *try* to get my Nikon out and use it more regularly…but having my iPhone is so freaking convenient! Doing this project also made putting together my Project Life album for the year so easy! Especially since it had all been packed away in boxes for most of the year and I didn’t get around to putting it together until last month. I’m happy to say I just placed on giant photo order which will get my 2014 album caught up!

This year we are looking forward to lots of fun (we’ve already got a cruise planned and 2 weddings to attend!) plus there will most definitely be lots of exploring up and down the east coast. We’re looking forward to hosting friends + family in our little home on the water. We’re talking about a trip to Iceland(probably more likely in 2016) We want to see Yankee’s game. We want to eat lobster rolls. We want to see a Red Sox game. We can’t wait to stick our toes in the ocean. We want to catch crab off our dock and eat it for dinner. We want to get to NYC for a weekend if not more.

I’m excited about continuing to cook. We don’t have many options for eating out that excite me which has made cooking at home a bigger deal than usual. We’ve found some new cookbooks and I’m looking forward to getting started with some new recipes. (Cooks Illustrated Asian Favorites, Americas Test Kitchen New Family Favorites + The Skinnytaste Cookbook!) I think I’m way late to the game with the new found love of Skinnytaste but I’m so excited to cook from her new book!

Wishing you the best year yet in this new year!