26 New Recipes

I was perusing Instagram this morning while recuperating on the couch and came across a picture from Megan_NerdNest. She talked about how she’s documenting 52 new recipes this year in a book. I’ve now been thinking about this idea for the remainder of my afternoon and decided I wanted to do something similar. I’ll incorporate it into my regular Project Life album but I’m going to challenge myself to document 2 new recipes a month (less pressure for me not having to do it weekly!) This will require a little more planning on my part and cooking these recipes during the weekend so I can photograph them but I am up for the challenge!

I’ve already cooked at at least 3 new recipes so far this year and we’ve determined that 2 of them are coming into a regular rotation. I’m trying really hard to use my cookbooks and not just peruse the internet for recipes, so far it’s been a win! From here on out I’ll be sharing the new recipes and what we thought here on the blog!




Hello 2015!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2014 is over but I for one am ready for a fresh start. 2014 brought lots of changes, the biggest one being our move across the country. I’m still adjusting and missing Colorado like crazy but I think once summer rolls around my mind will be changed about living in New Jersey.

I successfully (well almost I missed 10 days) completed a 365 Day Photo Project on Instagram. I had so much fun being a part of the community at #my_365. The people there are the friendliest and the challenges were a lot of fun. I didn’t always follow the prompts but I still managed to snap a photo almost every day. I’m doing it again this year, I’m going to *try* to get my Nikon out and use it more regularly…but having my iPhone is so freaking convenient! Doing this project also made putting together my Project Life album for the year so easy! Especially since it had all been packed away in boxes for most of the year and I didn’t get around to putting it together until last month. I’m happy to say I just placed on giant photo order which will get my 2014 album caught up!

This year we are looking forward to lots of fun (we’ve already got a cruise planned and 2 weddings to attend!) plus there will most definitely be lots of exploring up and down the east coast. We’re looking forward to hosting friends + family in our little home on the water. We’re talking about a trip to Iceland(probably more likely in 2016) We want to see Yankee’s game. We want to eat lobster rolls. We want to see a Red Sox game. We can’t wait to stick our toes in the ocean. We want to catch crab off our dock and eat it for dinner. We want to get to NYC for a weekend if not more.

I’m excited about continuing to cook. We don’t have many options for eating out that excite me which has made cooking at home a bigger deal than usual. We’ve found some new cookbooks and I’m looking forward to getting started with some new recipes. (Cooks Illustrated Asian Favorites, Americas Test Kitchen New Family Favorites + The Skinnytaste Cookbook!) I think I’m way late to the game with the new found love of Skinnytaste but I’m so excited to cook from her new book!

Wishing you the best year yet in this new year!




Hello from New Jersey

Hello! It’s been quiet around here for a long time. I didn’t feel like I had much to say or share and so I went into hibernation. But now? Now I have lots of things to share, pictures to show you and recipes I’ve tried that I feel like I should share. And it’s all coming at you from our new home in New Jersey. Goodbye West Coast living and hello East Coast. I think once we get to know one another a bit better we’re going to be really good friends. Right now though my heart hurts and I miss Colorado terribly.

So for now while I get my bearings straight and get settled here is something that I have been loving!

One of my MOST FAVORITE new discoveries is the Project Life App by Becky Higgins. I’ve been feeling so far behind on my PL’ing this year because of all the packing and moving and things being in storage…which is where they still are. Then the new app got released and I’ve been a scrapping machine! I think that I am still a fan of doing everything by hand but when I’m this far behind I’ve found it super easy to catch up. I can’t wait to embellish all the digital pages though! Here are a few pages I’ve made using the app. Can’t wait to print them and get them in my album. Happy Friday!

Photo Sep 25, 10 25 54 AMPhoto Sep 24, 10 32 28 AM

Photo Sep 24, 10 34 16 AM


Half Way There

Happy Wednesday!! We’ve enjoyed some gorgeous days here lately. The taste of spring is making me excited about the possibilities that spring holds. I also know that there is the potential for more crazy snow here in colorado for a few more months. Oh well! At least there’s a lot of sunshine.

This year I’m participating in a photo project on Instagram called #my_365 Each week there is a list of prompts and I try to follow along. If I don’t follow the prompt they suggest I’m still snapping a photo. So far I’ve taken a picture every single day this year! Today marks day 42, the prompt they’ve given is door. You can get as creative as you want which is fun, some prompts open the window to lots of creativity. The gallery of photos from the people who are participating has some truly gorgeous pictures. Go check it out and join in if you’re so inclined! I’m also using the hashtag #mns365 to document my pictures for the year, although I haven’t been great at remembering to do so, I only have 27 pictures under that. Oops! Are you on Instagram?

Another reason I am enjoying this project is that it is helping me find creative ways to snap pictures of the everyday which I can then use in my project life album. My pictures for January are finally on their way so I’ll blog about what I’m doing this year soon!

Here are a few of my photos from this year so far.


Prompt: In The Air

Prompt: In The Air

Prompt: Red

Prompt: Red

Prompt: Lines

Prompt: Lines

Prompt: Bubbles

Prompt: Bubbles

Prompt: Daily

Prompt: Daily

Prompt: Name Begins With

Prompt: Name Begins With

Prompt: Enjoy

Prompt: Enjoy

Prompt: From Where I Stand

Prompt: From Where I Stand

Prompt: Cozy

Prompt: Cozy

Project Life–April Edition!

I’m on a roll (yay!) Pictured ordered for June & July, the month of April is finished and May is 1/4 of the way done. I’m having so much fun mixing and matching pieces that I have and creating layouts. Below is my April Cover Page, I used cards from a few different kits and some embellishments that I had at home. It was a crazy month here in Denver. We were packing up and getting ready to move, our friends moved back from Texas, we had a blizzard, it was 70˚and we got to sit on a patio and enjoy beer & pretzels at Lowry Beer Garden. We also went to a rugby game, blue man group and I threw a baby shower!  I purchased a bunch of embellishments from Archiver’s and some ladies in a Project Life Facebook group that I am in. I’m looking forward to trying out my new goodies! I can’t wait to get my pictures so that I can keep working. At this rate it seems almost possible that I could be caught up by the end of the month (gasp!) Then it will be on to creating pages for our travels this summer.


Items Used {I’m not affiliated with Amazon or any of these products in any way, I just like to be able to see the items that I read about when I read blogs…}

Thickers (purchased at Michael’s on clearance!)

Seafoam Kit

Midnight Kit 

Blush Kit 

Washi Tape {I buy this ALL over! Etsy is my favorite spot!}

Wood Veneers 

Project Life

The creative bug has hit again and I’m so excited! I’m so far behind on my PL album and I really want to be caught up but I’ve been lacking creativity. After spending sometime watching project life videos on YouTube I was feeling inspired again and spent the better part of my afternoon yesterday working on layouts. I reworked my title page and got started on a spread covering our trip to San Francisco. It was so much fun I can’t wait to sit down and get more done. I just need to get my butt in gear and order pictures!

I watched a video from Two Peas In A Bucket that had Amy Tan talking about using embellishments out of your comfort zone. I loved that and used that push to include some that I probably wouldn’t have included before. My cover page: The blue card in the top right is from Becky Higgins Seafoam Kit. The striped card is from her Midnight Kit. These are my two main kits and I love that I can mix and match both of them. I love everything about these kits but know that there are SO many other ones out there! I’m sticking with these for now 🙂 The hello twenty thirteen came from Michelle over at Table for Five (if you haven’t checked our her Project Life you should, it’s great!) The Let’s Do This and Everyday Life cards are studio calico cards (I think…) and the camera card at the bottom came from a card swap I did that had a theme of “stamp.” The doily came from my Citrus Twist kit that I tried out (and loved!) and the buttons I’ve had in my stash FOREVER.


This page I didn’t embellish too much, I love my photos from Persnickety Prints, especially the little polaroid ones! I journaled on the top one and added a sticker to one. I might go back and add a bit more wash tape to the others but I’m going to sit on that for a little while. The two journal cards on this page also came from my stamp card swap. I love the brown notebook page one, that stamp is now on my wish list! The little arrow was a Freckled Fawn wood veneer and I adore them. The washi tape is a mystery. I think it came from a grab bag that I ordered but I’m not sure.



This page I love love love! I grabbed the San Fran stickers at Michael’s before our trip. The chevron card underneath it came from the seafoam kit. I covered the little arrow in some wash tape and stuck it on top of the page and then I just used a little scrap piece of paper to label the picture with more washi. This wasn’t one of my favorite washi tapes but I love how it goes with this spread!



All the page protectors are from Becky Higgins big variety pack. Have you tried scrapbooking with Project Life? It’s so simple…I highly recommend it! My go to tool is the Oh Life email I get daily where I can jot down notes so I remember what happened. It’s an easy way for me to keep up with what’s happening and makes sitting down to journal a breeze. I cant’ wait to sit down and scrap some more! Off to order pictures…

Hello Monday

The weekends sure fly by fast when you do nothing but watch movies and march madness, cook and lounge on the couch while watching the snow fall! Here we go again, hello to another week!


Hello last Monday of March!

Hello Spring Break! {technically I don’t have the week off but I do have a lighter load to teach since families are traveling!}

Hello Passover!

Hello Matzoh Crack! {I made this yesterday and I can not wait to try it out tonight at our seder.}


Hello to the upcoming spring like weather, perhaps it’s here to stay.

Hello to sunshine after work so I can start running again in the evenings {stay away snow!!}

Hello to FINALLY starting my Project Life album. Weeks 1-4 are done and now I need to order more pictures!


I’m linking up with Lisa…what are you saying hello to?


Hello Friday!

Happy Friday! An round up of a few things I’m loving this week. It’s supposed to be COLD here this weekend {think high of 20˚!} but I’m looking forward to hitting Costco and spending the rest of the weekend hanging out at home and rooting for the Broncos and hoping for lots and lots of snow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Have you heard of Becky Higgins and Project Life? I’ve been following her for a few years now but this is the first year I’m jumping in to scrapbook. I’m super excited, I used to LOVE scrap booking and am looking forward to this new way of doing things. I’d been holding out for the Seafoam edition and I got notice from Amazon that it shipped today. Yay! Go check out all her awesome products, she’s rolling out a ton more in May. I think this will be even more fun to do once we start a family but for now I’m looking forward to documenting our every day life and the fun things that we do. Plus it’s a great way to get all our pictures off my computer and printed! If you don’t want something that is quite so time consuming Shutterfly offers a few Project Life options as well! I made one for last year and I love it.

Have you heard of War Horse? It is playing here in Denver and we were lucky enough to score some free tickets courtesy of Yelp {yay for being an elite member!} for opening night. I truly wasn’t sure what I was going to think but I walked away from the show quite impressed. I won’t give anything away but the puppetry is incredible. If you have the opportunity to go see it, go!

I’ll leave you with this incredible looking treat. How awesome doe it look? I can’t wait until I find a reason to make it! Find the recipe here!

Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully I’ll have a Project Life sneak peek next week.

Hello 2013

Happy New Year! I feel so excited about a new start and have a million things I want to do this year. I don’t make resolutions but like to make a list of things I want to do for the year. Same thing I suppose but I like lists and being able to cross things off of them. I’ve also seen a lot of talk floating around about choosing a word for the year. I haven’t invested the time to figure out where this started or what it entails but I like the idea of choosing a word to embrace in 2013 so I’ve chosen one. Create is my word of the year. I’m thinking that I can createmore opportunities to help my photography grow, I can createa healthier me {cutting things out of my diet isn’t me at ALL. things in moderation are good. I love fruits and veggies to begin with so I know this can’t be difficult. The one thing I am cutting out? Soda. It’s terrible. I can drink it by the gallon and it needs to stop. Water? yes. Iced Tea? yes.} I’m also excited to createa Project Life album. I know that this will be a big project to undertake but I already know it’s going to be awesome. I’m going to take more pictures. I’m going to be in more pictures. And things will get printed which will make the boy (ahem, I mean husband) so happy. I’m also looking forward to createa new space in our room. One that shows off all the awesome pictures that we take, the places we go, etc. Not sure how that’s going to happen but it will.

My 2013 List

  • Take at least 2 trips this year with the boy (ahem, I mean husband) that don’t involve going to visit anyone. We love our friends and family and I know there will be plenty of visits but this is something we need to do for us! I’m excited to note that we’ve already planned our first adventure–San Francisco! I’ve never been and am giddy at the thought of traveling.
  • make. the. bed. every single day. I hope that this will create a more organized feeling in our bedroom.
  • I’m writing one line (ok maybe more like 5) in a gratitude journal. Nothing fancy, just a little notebook that I’ve decorated but I’m going to take note of my days and the things I’m grateful for. Each and every one.
  • Get back to running. I like working out. I love how I feel. I am just the least motivated person on the planet. And I plan on staying that way for the next six weeks while everyone hits the gym to keep their resolutions. Then I’ll get moving again and feel good. be happy. and look good. YAY. {and MAYBE run a half marathon in May. That is a big fat MAYBE}
  • Pick up my camera more often. Not just my iPhone because it’s convenient but also my big beautiful camera. Take pictures and document our life. Attempt to complete a Project 365 which will be helpful in also completing Project Life. And yes that does include food pictures. Probably a lot of them. I like to eat. I like to cook. I like to feed people. There will be lots of food 🙂
  • Be IN the picture. Not every single one but lots of them. Take self portraits, whatever it is I need to do. I want to be documented!

I’m sure I’ll add to my list throughout the year but these five things are the basis for my year which is going to be awesome.

The boy (ahem, the husband) and I at the Cherry Cricket.

The boy (ahem, the husband) and I at the Cherry Cricket.


Happy 2013!