Life Lately…In Pictures

March roared in like a lion, how did that happen?! So much happened in February, here’s a sneak at what I was up to. You can find more on Instagram {michellenaomi81} here’s hoping spring is on it’s way because these teasers that we’ve had are killing me!

Have a good week 🙂









[ windy but sunny weather for much of February, definitely warranted a picnic or two || coffee date with the boy, ahem the husband. he came home for a few days!! || someone had a birthday and we had a blast celebrating. love that sister in law of mine || bathroom selfies are a must when you’re all dolled up || he’s home!!! || reunited and so happy || gorgeous denver day calls for a trip to the zoo || signs of spring ||

Hello Monday

The weekends sure fly by fast when you do nothing but watch movies and march madness, cook and lounge on the couch while watching the snow fall! Here we go again, hello to another week!


Hello last Monday of March!

Hello Spring Break! {technically I don’t have the week off but I do have a lighter load to teach since families are traveling!}

Hello Passover!

Hello Matzoh Crack! {I made this yesterday and I can not wait to try it out tonight at our seder.}


Hello to the upcoming spring like weather, perhaps it’s here to stay.

Hello to sunshine after work so I can start running again in the evenings {stay away snow!!}

Hello to FINALLY starting my Project Life album. Weeks 1-4 are done and now I need to order more pictures!


I’m linking up with Lisa…what are you saying hello to?


Wonderful Wednesday

As I was driving home from work tonight I realized that rather than being in a slightly grumpy mood (it’s the end of the workday, tell me I’m not the only one?) I was in a great mood. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’ve been in a slump lately (hello empty blog!) and then I realized I had a list of happy things. So Wonderful Wednesday it is!

  • it’s still sunny outside after work! longer days, light during my drive home and even for some time after. that makes me happy! 
  • I got to drive home with my windows down and the music blaring. If that doesn’t make you happy then something must be wrong with you 😉
  • Saturday can’t come soon enough! A very special someone and her husband are finally going to be living back in Colorado and having one of your most favorite friends within driving distance is just awesome.
  • My Le Cruset pot is FINALLY on it’s journey back home to me. Ok, not my exact one but a brand new one to replace it. I’m choosing to overlook the fact that I missed out on 2 solid months of soups and stews and braising during the winter months. trying  being the key word.
  • I taught my last class outside today. Yep. In the sunshine. Couldn’t have been happier.
  • Whole Foods had a big display of fresh herbs for sale. Yipee!
  • It sure feels like spring is here. Hopefully it’s here to stay!

Are you having a Wonderful Wednesday?