Summertime Fun

Summer is made for so many awesome activities. Swimming, bbq’ing staying up late and enjoying the extra sunshine and the crisp cool air, hiking, farmers markets, traveling and so much more. 

This summer we had one big trip planned but then there were tons of other things we want to  squeeze in before the leaves start changing. I decided to make a summer bucket list and join in on the fun with The Happy Family Movement. What a fun way to be able to document what we’ve done and to be able to look at our list and figure out what we want to do. It’s not too late to join in the fun, you can start your bucket list now! 

We’ve been busy busy this summer but have been checking items off our list left and right. The big one that I will blog about in more detail soon was taking a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. My mom graciously took my sister, myself and the boy, ahem the husband on this awesomely exciting adventure. Prior to the big leg of our trip we spent a few days in Chicago and managed to check some other items off our list. I’m going to blog more specifically about some of our bucket list items but one that we did manage to check off in Chicago was catching fireflies! I was so excited that we were going to have the chance to do so since we don’t have them in Denver. Luckily some of my favorite little ladies had no problem helping me get this taken care of! Not the best picture but they were captured and we held them in the mason jar for a little bit before letting them go again! 


The main reason for going to Russia was to see my grandmother since she was turning 90. It was a lot of fun to see her and my cousin and his family. Especially since it meant that we got to introduce the boy, ahem the husband to her since she wasn’t able to travel to Colorado for our wedding last summer. Two quick pictures below before a full rundown of our trip! Happy Sunday, enjoy your week! 


Above: the boy, ahem the husband and I in front of the Church of Spilled Blood. Such a gorgeous church outside! 

Below: my family 🙂 Image